How To Break Up With Fear

What do you do when fear suddenly consumes your life?

Do you:
  1. Bury your head under the covers and watch Disney movies on Netflix?
  2. Get to work constructing a Parallel Universe Machine so you can hop dimensions?
  3. Take to Facebook and proclaim your undying hatred for bigots and racists and misogynists (oh my!)?
So many choices, you don’t know what to do with yourself, right? Well, I took the liberty of exploring them all for you to save you some time, and have come up with a few tidbits of knowledge to share for the trouble. My first discovery? Two of the three above options are dead ends.


I’m still working on the Probability Drive for the Parallel-Dimension Hopping Machine. I’ll get back to you on that one.

My second discovery is going to take a whole blog post to explain, so bear with me. The story, it goeth thusly:
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A Letter About The Election

In the wake of Sara Bareilles’ gorgeous song “Seriously” about Obama’s thoughts on the current election and Donald Trump’s candidacy, I felt the need to speak up and write something.

Today, I noticed a comment from a self-proclaimed Proud Bernie Supporter on my Facebook page. She plans on voting Trump in November. Not because she wants him to be President, but “just to prevent Hillary from getting in office”… and I wondered. What does she hope to accomplish in doing so?

I can’t help thinking that woman is willfully ignoring the glorious display of That-Is-A-Bad-Idea that Britain kindly showed us this year with Brexit — and perhaps casting herself as a righteous avenger for Bernie.

For any of my friends who are considering doing the same, or considering not voting: I’m writing to you, kindly, to ask you to reconsider.

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Living Life On The Frontier

A few weeks ago, I had an illuminating experience. And that’s the best sort-of-pun I could come up with after thinking really hard about it for forty minutes. The story, it goeth thusly:

One of the perks of moving to New York is that I’m now living much closer to my family. My brother lives in the city, my parents live within driving distance, and my sister is in the process of moving Somewhere in The General Vicinity of The Eastern Seaboard, Probably.

And that’s not to mention all the members of my extended family, who decided en masse to go west once they realized I was headed back home.

"Flee! She's moving back! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!"

“Flee! She’s moving back! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!”

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What’s My Age Again?

Have you ever had one of those days where a single minute challenged your understanding of the universe? I have. The story, it goeth thusly:

Today, in the middle of applying for jobs and tweaking minor edits on my pilot script, I found myself confronted with an ominous question on an anonymous online survey.

This was the question. It was ominous.

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