My Story Goeth Thusly

I’m a professional hyphenater (actress-writer-artist), stumbling along on my pathway toward a steady creative career.

After graduating from Temple University (and NTI at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center), I moved out to LA, and stayed there until I couldn’t ignore my hankering for thunderstorms and cynics any longer. At which point, I packed up and moved to my dream city: New York. I now work bicoastally. (That’s totally a word, autocorrect. Stop throwing off my groove.)

In my first month of living here, I found I had become afflicted with strange thoughts and feelings. I had a sudden urge to espouse the life lessons I was learning to strangers on the street. At random and inappropriate times, I stopped walking and simply laughed at the absurdity of existence.

I decided to create an outlet for these uncontrollable urges in hope of curbing them before I turn into a movie villain and take over the world. Thus I made a blog.

And that’s my tale, nightingale.

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