SHARING IS CARING: The Power of Empathy

Long time no see, folks! It looks like this “Sharing is Caring” tag is going to be a personal compendium of Things That Give Me Faith In Humanity. So along those lines, I wanted to share something I accidentally tripped over recently.

I’m working on writing a new project–and, as with all my new projects, the process requires me to look like I know what I’m doing. As I work out the basics of the story, I’m doing a bunch of research on things with lovely psychological terms like “mirror neurons”, “antisocial personality disorders”, and “empathic reflection”…

I'm so smart.

I’m so smart.

…and while doing this research, I found this incredibly touching video. I wanted to share it with you. The story, it goeth thusly:

I find this story so powerful. During a brutal war, this man chose to empathize with his enemy rather than demonize him, and it was that empathy that ultimately saved the day.

Heart’s a real-life super power, folks. The power is yours!

Stay classy.


You know what I mean.

~ becca

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